Ms. Bealey's Teaching Philosophy

As an advocate for the visual arts in education, I have a firm belief that all children deserve a meaningful, valuable and high quality art education.  To create a relevant art program, the curriculum I develop is comprised of comprehensive, cross-curricular, interdisciplinary, thematic art units.  All lessons include important art fundamentals that align with state and national art standards.  It is my goal to provide students with multiple opportunities to explore a wide variety of art mediums, styles, techniques and disciplines.  Students learn to understand the many functions of art and how it is a universal form of communication.  The lessons I teach foster the growth of students’ imaginations and strengthen the right sides of their brains.  Students learn the skills necessary to creatively express themselves and visually communicate their identities through art.   All assignments are designed to challenge students to reach their full artistic and creative potential.  This art program positively fosters the development of a multitude of essential skills that are transferable to other subject areas and real life situations.  


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