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Mr. Jon Dierks
Welcome to Mr. Dierks' Website. I currently teach three classes of Pre-Algebra 7 Standard, and two classes of Pre-Algebra 7 Enriched. This is my 12th year at East/Prairie Winds and I have taught 7th grade, Algebra Standard, Algebra Accelerated, and Geometry. I am also involved with athletics in two sports.  I am the Head Coach for both Varsity Wrestling and Varsity Boys Track and Field. Feel free to contact me with any questions at or by phone at (507) 207-6028.

My Daily Schedule is as follows:
8:10-8:55-------Period 1---7th Grade Pre-Algebra Standard
8:59-9:44-------Period 2---7th Grade Pre-Algebra Standard
9:48-10:33----Period 3---7th Grade Pre-Algebra Enriched
10:37-11:22----Period 4---Study Hall / Team Meeting
11:26-11:56----Period 4---Lunch
12:00-12:28----Period 5---Advisory
12:32-1:17------Period 6---7th Grade Pre-Algebra Standard
1:21-2:06--------Period 7---7th Grade Pre-Algebra Enriched
2:10-2:55--------Period 8---Prep