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FACS 7 is a required course (9 weeks) designed to provide the student with introductory skills in the areas of food/nutrition; interior design; teen life/family studies; child development; and resource management.

FACS 8 is a required course (9 weeks) designed to provide the student with living skills in the area of food/nutrition; family living and financial literacy. The FACS curriculum includes age appropriate hands on projects in which to learn practical living skills.

Essential Learner Outcomes

The learner will:

-relate the six basic nutrients to the planning and preparing of foods.

-understand verbal/written/visual instruction for project completion.

-understand age appropriate activities and emergency procedures for children under five.

-relate intermediate nutrition (nutrient functions, dietary guidelines, nutrition fact labeling, diet analysis) to the planning and preparing of meals and snacks.

-apply proper safety and sanitation procedures to ensure the health and safety of the producer and consumer.

-identify the factors that influence individual differences to help maintain a positive self-concept.

-apply the elements and principles of design with emphasis on color theory.

-utilize financial literacy concepts to manage household consumerism.


Grades are based on total points from all assignments. Late work may receive reduced credit.

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Welcome to Family Consumer Science!